• Custom production of electronics from customer request to implementation
  • Implementation of development projects and pre-preparation of electronic devices and their parts  
  • SMD mounting on machines: ASSEMBLEON - TOPAZ XII FNC, OPAL XII (Housing 0201, 0.4 mm pitch into other agreement) to glue to paste on both sides
  • Sample quantity - setting manualy 
  • Application of unleaded and leaded pastes and adhesives dispensation machine, printing machine DEK HORIZON 03i or manualy 
  • Remelting in reflow SMT 1.2 TC
  • DPS handmade assembled classical components
  • Wave soldering machine ATF33_40 (RoHs-Konform.) and WELLER (Pb)
  • Hand soldering leaded and lead-free alloys
  • Jetting fluxes, the agreement washing plates
  • Automatic optical inspection AOI device SAKI BF Sirius and MIRTEC MV-2HTL
  • Functional tests
  • Processing cabling agreement

Osazovací automat - DEK HORIZON 03i

Osazovací automat - ASSEMBLEON - OPAL XII

Reflow SMT 1.2 TC

ATF 33_40 (RoHs-Konform.)