Company LETEL Elektronik Ltd was founded in. 1992, and since its inception, primarily focuses on custom development and manufacture of electronics. It focuses mainly on services in the preparation, development activities, the actual production and inspection of electronic devices, especially specialized devices such as sensors, protection devices etc. Performs custom mounting, soldering and testing of printed circuit boards.

These services are performed due to the small sample series mainly from raw materials, but we are able to realize the contract completely, including PCB design.  

Since 1992, the company gradually grew and grew, while technology and equipment so that we can meet almost all the requirements of our customers in PCB assembly.

Due to the size of the company and its long experience with German partners we are able to respond flexibly to customer requirements, quality and affordable prices, including express deadlines.

Product quality - the satisfaction of our customers: Since 1998 we are working according to ISO system. All products manufactured by our company are subject to a 100% final inspection. Most products are controlled by automatic optical inspection AOI.

All customers can be confident that their products will be made on time, quality and within the agreed price. Quality and maximum customer satisfaction is our primary goal.

Guarantee of quality is not only an experienced team of employees, but also the quality management system certificate ISO 9001:2015, which is regularly confirmed by control audits.

Our employees together with the management are experienced professionals in their field and trying to continually improve customer service. We believe that services our customers are at least comparable with other firms and in many cases surpass.

Headquarters and address:

LETEL elektronik s.r.o.
Husova 1349
Přeštice 334 01
Tel. +420377981421
Fax: +420377981428
LETEL elektronik s.r.o.